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Top 5 Tips That Will Help You Cut Calories For a Firmer Booty

The secret to a successful diet is to come up with something that’s not so horribly unpleasant to stick to that you become instantly disheartened or bored. The right diet then should almost be like a stealth attack – so subtle and well hidden that you hardly even notice you’re on one!

There are actually lots of smart ways you can cut the amount of calories you’re consuming on a regular basis and that you won’t likely even notice at the time. These tricks and strategies are the perfect example of a stealth diet, so read on for some of the best ones you can start using today and get that firmer booty that you are looking for!

Get Rid of Fancy Coffees

If you enjoy a fancy coffee each day then you’re actually consuming a huge number of calories without realizing it. Cappuccinos and lattés are the worst for this hitting anywhere between 200 – 400 calories in a single cup and if you are the type that goes in for the hot chocolate with all the trimmings then you are getting almost 700 calories in that one drink, that’s nearly half the recommended calorie intake for the whole day! Instead, have an Americano or filter coffee, which is actually less than 5 calories. Think about it this way, you could drink a filter coffee once a day and it will take about 4 and a half months to consume the same calories as just one hot chocolate! So, if a great booty is what you are after then just be careful that you are not drinking loads of hidden calories without realising it.

Get Smaller Plates

Research has shown that using smaller plates can actually make you feel fuller on less calories. The brain registers that the food is finished and therefore sends a signal to the body saying it is time to stop eating. In addition,if you have smaller plates and bowls then you will naturally fill them less and as a result you will start eating fewer calories!

And Smaller Cutlery

Do you ‘inhale’ your food? In other words, do you eat your food so fast that you don’t even remember eating it? Eating more slowly is a very good way to help yourself feel fuller faster. The slower you eat, the more chance your body has to acknowledge that you’ve eaten and to catch up with your stomach. By eating slowly you help with digestion, you help your body create stomach acid to breakdown food and you feel full sooner thereby actually eating fewer calories. Getting smaller cutlery is a great way to encourage this!

Stop Drinking Soda Drinks

Fizzy drinks are actually a dieter’s worst enemy and they definitely will not help you the quest for a sexy bum. Both diet sodas and standard ones. These are absolutely packed with sugar and they’re really high in calories but it doesn’t feel like it – meaning that you’ll keep drinking them without necessarily realizing how much damage you’re doing to your body. Stop drinking fizzy drinks and you should find that you instantly cut your calories by a few hundred a day! When you look at diet soda, they may not have any calories but the taste alone is enough to trigger your body into thinking that you are drinking a lot of calories and so it sets in motion the same chemicals as if you have actually eaten the high sugar energy. This in turn can actually make your blood sugar drop and make you MORE hungry which then makes you eat more food.

Drink COLD water.

Now this may sound a bit strange but hear me out. When you drink cold water, the body needs to heat it up within the body. To create the heating process, the body needs to produce energy, to produce energy the body needs to use calories. Bottom line is, when you drink cold water, the body actually has to spend more calories which means potential weight loss, plus water is the best thing you can drink for hydration and about a million other essential bodily functions so you get a double whammy effect! Now, not only will you burn more calories but more importantly, water is the best way to detoxify your body. When looking to get a sexy, firmer bum, detoxification is key. The reason it is so important is that the hips, bum, legs area often holds a lot of toxins so when you are trying get a firmer, more toned bum, making sure you are detoxifying every day is one of the keys to success.

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