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Carbs For a Better Booty Fast – No, Seriously!

There was a time when everyone thought that fats were the enemy. Back then, we all focused on the simple fact that fats contained more calories as well as some evidence suggesting that they might be linked to heart disease and other problems. Indeed, this is the premise that diet plans like Weight Watchers were founded on!

But over time, fat has had an image change. For starters, it turned out that those studies linking fat with heart disease were unfounded. What was more though, it was also found that fat was better for keeping us feeling fuller for longer, at least partly because it takes longer to be absorbed.

Suddenly, everyone was raving about fat and it was carbs that had the bad reputation. Carbs spike the blood with sugar, resulting in an insulin response. Sugar causes inflammation. Simple carbs tend to be low in nutrients and make you hungry. The list goes on…

So are carbs really the enemy? Should you make like Atkins and ditch them entirely?

The answer to that question is well and truly ‘no’. While it’s true that we get a lot of glucose from carbs, what’s also true is that this is actually necessary if you are looking to get a firmer butt. If you live only on fats for fuel, then you’ll be on what’s known as a ‘ketogenic’ diet and this can leave you low on energy over time. Likewise, completely avoiding all fruits and vegetables (most of these are carbs) will almost certainly lead to nutrient deficiencies as well as a very low fiber intake.

When looking for a sexy butt and following The 8 Week Booty Workout you will find that you will need some carbs in your diet to help you just get through the sessions. If you try to do a full on butt workout with the kind of volume and intensity that this workout demands then running on just fats will not give you the energy you will need to be explosive and hit the workout with that all out effort you will want to do it with.

Carbs allow you the fast acting glucose in your muscles to give you energy and power all at the same time, exactly the kind of fuel you want when trying to grow the glutes into that sexy rounded butt you’re after.Now don’t misunderstand the role of fats in the diet, they are not only important but are essential for optimal health so don’t throw them out completely.

Of course though, most diets don’t recommend completely cutting carbs and are instead more likely to advise just reducing them or eating only ‘complex’ carbs. This option is a lot better and it certainly can provide a good way to prevent hunger pangs and to discourage fat burning.

Even then though, it’s key to ensure that you are still getting enough. Not only is avoiding carbs a little soul crushing and somewhat difficult – it’s also still a surefire way to end up low on energy. If you can reduce the number of chips you have with your next meal then great but don’t feel too guilty over having some potatoes.

As is so often the case, the reality is a little more complex than ‘this one food group makes you fat’. Make sure you continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet and just apply a little common sense.

Fortunately, The 8 Week Booty Workout comes with a comprehensive nutrition plan which, not only will help you give your all in each and every workout, but it will also aid with recovery AND help you lose fat all at the same time making it, pretty much, the perfect combination of training and nutrition for anyone looking to build that sexy butt, lose some body fat and have fun at the same time!

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